Friday, August 26, 2005

Ingushetia Prime Minister Survives Assassination Attempt

An assassination attempt was made against the Prime Minister of Ingushetia, Ibrahim Malsagov on Thursday beside a railroad station in Nazran. His bodyguard was killed, and the head of the government and two other bodyguards were seriously wounded and taken to hosptals. They are expected to survive.
There were two explosive devices placed 10-15 meters apart, one went off when Malsagov’s car came out of his drive onto the road.
This is the third terrorist attack in Ingushetia in the last week.
Link to Pravda story
В четверг днём возле железнодорожного вокзала города Назрань совершено покушение на премьер-министра Ингушетии Ибрагима Мальсагова. Его охранник погиб, сам глава правительства и ещё два охранника получили серьёзные ранения и были доставлены в больницу

Comment: Bad guys are having a busy week. Time to watch for the government response

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