Monday, August 22, 2005

Joint Air Defense Exercise today - Russia, Armenia, Belorus, Tadzhikistan.
The scenario is "terrorist" activity in the northern Caucasus region. Armenia requests requests assistance and Russia, Belorus, and Tadzhikistan immediately deploy forces. An enemy aerial attack, simulated by a low flying Strizh-3 target and flares, will be engaged by Armenia surface to air missile forces and Russian Mig-29s. They'll also exercise aerial recon, air-ground attacks, air-air engagements, and a SAM engagement with Su-24R, Su-25, Mig-29, and ZRK S-125 respectively.
22 августа на полигоне Ашулук начинается основной этап совместного учения с боевой стрельбой «Боевое содружество-2005». В отличие от прошлых лет условия работы как боевых расчетов зенитных ракетных частей, так и авиации будут усложнены. Это коснется как помеховой, так и мишенной обстановки. Но обо всем по порядку. По замыслу учений в Северо-Кавказском регионе проявляют активность «бандформирования» и «террористические группы».

My thoughts are that the cooperation and coordination is certainly good exercise, but the whole scenario looks quite conventional. Is an anti-"terrorist" air defense ex a stretch? Not sure. Are they exercising against a threat that has truly been defined by their leadership and intelligence - or is cooperation the goal? The rest of the article includes a great discussion on the regional/mulitnational unified air defense systems. Leads me to believe the latter.


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