Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Russian Terr Toes Up in Ingushetia

Bashir Pliev was killed as a result of a special op to eliminate bandits. He had been wanted in connection with the Jun 2004 attacks that killed 79 people. He was a close associate of Shamil Basaev, mastermind of the attacks on the schoolchildren in Beslan. Two police were wounded in the action when the bad guy offered armed resistance.

В Ингушетии убили басаевского оборотня
11:36 2005-08-23

More good news in the war on terror. Gotta say one thing about the Russians, when they start a campaign to eliminate banditry, they apply the literal meaning. Not like a western "war on drugs" or "war on terror" that includes apprehension and prosecution as if the enemy were common criminals. The objective is to destroy the enemy, destroy his ability to fight. Take prisoners when the enemy surrenders or when you need intel.


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