Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Terrorist Weapons Cache Found in Moscow Apartment

A large cache of weapons and explosives was found today in an apt in SE Moscow, according to security forces, it may have been put there by the terrorists who conducted the last attack in Moscow(Dubrovka -2002). The cache included 20 AKs, 3 Colt pistols, 6 RPGs, 18 silencers, 500 grams plastic explosive, a large number of detonators and more.

The apartment belonged to a citizen who had previously been "brought to justice and died in custody. "...квартира принадлежит ранее привлекавшемуся к уголовной ответственности гражданину, скончавшемуся в местах лишения свободы..."

The article also mentions another stash in another part of town - but just a pistol and 10 grenades. The apt owner was a 75-year old pensioner granny.

Comment: That's a pretty large stash by my measure, but luckily for the citizens of Moscow it looks like it may have been abandoned - if that's what you call it when everyone who knew about it has been killed or captured.


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