Thursday, August 25, 2005

Iraq - Red Cross chief reveals they hid and medically treated 4 terrorists in order to free two kidnapped Italian women.

Link"> jueves 25 de agosto de 2005

In an interiview in the Italian daily "La Stampa" Maurizio Scelli disclosed that in order to secure the release of two Italian hostages, Simona Torretta i Simona Pari in September 2004, they secretly treated four terrorists who had been wounded in combat with US troops. Scelli also stated that the Italian civil, military, and intelligence authorities were aware of the operation.

Comment: Yeah, it sucks to be us. The terrs can disregards the laws of armed conflict, but still be protected by the Red Cross. What's really sickening, if true, is that the Italian military commander in Iraq knew about it. It's one thing to treat prisoners, but providing medical services to enemy forces seems to be way over the line.


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