Monday, August 29, 2005

Chechnya - Russian Internal Forces to Establish Mountain Units.

General Nikolai Rogozhkin, the CinC of the Interior Ministry Internal Forces, has announced the formation of mountain units. "We've already been training mountain units as part of the Internal troops to conduct operations in the wooded mountain areas of the northern Caucasus and other regions." A training center will be established in Labinsk (Krasnodar) and first units will be formed from the internal forces special operations troops, also one unit from the 49-th Brigade (Vladikavkas) and a regiment from Nalchik. Mountain units will be formed in the 46th special operations brigade (deployed to Chechnya) and the 102 brigade (deployed to the Northern Caucasus

Link to Red Star article Главнокомандующий Внутренними войсками (ВВ) МВД РФ генерал-полковник Николай Рогожкин заявил, что в составе Внутренних войск будут созданы горные подразделения.

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