Saturday, March 03, 2007

Army Shake Up. It's About Time

Over at thedonovan, John of Castle Argghhh! wrote "...the Army can use the shake-up in the senior ranks. Even in wartime. Perhaps especially in wartime, where we should perhaps be a little more results-oriented than we seem to have been thus far. "

His is are on target there. One of the comments that even my active duty friends say (when not deployed/in theater) is how normal things seem. Stateside it doesn't *feel* like we're at war - the urgency and focus is not there. I experienced the same thing when I briefly hired on with an Army outfit, IMA, a couple years ago. (I soon left in disgust, but that's another story.) Anyway - the point is that our civilian leadership has failed to create the focus and urgency necessary to move the nation to the war footing that victory over this enemy demands. The scandal at Walter Reed exemplifies this. If Gates is ready to shake it up and move out... I'm all for it. As Ledeen used to say... faster please!


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