Monday, January 01, 2007

A commenter on the article about the new Ford Edge at business week says that Ford deserves another chance. I gave them that chance 2 years ago when I abandoned Saturn (Saturn abandoned me first- when they became just another GM label - but that's another story) I bought a brand new Focus. Have had a few problems with low profile tires and the general cheap feel, but the worst is the gas mileage. At 22 mpg..this is their "small car?" They put all their money into big SUV... one can assume that was a strategic decision... and that the guys who make the big bucks asked "what happens if gas goes up" then accepted the answer. I should give them another chance for their poor business decision? Sorry, I work too hard for that.

Show me you got product that's more than clever marketing and I'll reconsider. Not there yet.


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