Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Don't Need TV News Anymore...

Instapundit linked to this interesting story by Matea Gold in the LA Times about how morning TV shows are losing numbers in their key market: moms.

I thought the article applies to me too. A confirmed news junkie. Here it is a Saturday morning, and what did I turn on while the coffee was brewing?

My laptop. The TV is still sitting cold in the living room.

I wonder what the implications of this will be? As people with internet access move away from TV, the percentage TV audience without internet will increase.

Just like income, where we have a bunch of people at one end of the scale, a bunch at the other, and not a lot in between... maybe we'll wind up with a bimodal distribution of information. Those informed by television and those informed by their networks on th web. Hmm... maybe we're already there.


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