Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The AP Gets Something Right in Hurriyah

From the story on the Hurriyah Mosques still standing that Michelle Malkin and Bryan are following...

There's an exchange between the reporter and a young gun guarding one of the damaged mosques...

"..."This is the TNT mosque. ... This name was given to it by Wahhabis" — the name of an extremist Sunni branch that is used by the Mahdi Army as a derisory label for all Sunnis...."

How long has the AP been referring to Wahhabism as an "extremist Sunni branch"?

This is a positive development :) It's also a correct statement. Unless of course they decide to edit the article.

The other thing I found interesting about the article was that the person who visited the sites was "An Associated Press reporter who lives in the neighborhood, and whose name has been withheld from this story for security reasons, visited the mosques Friday."

I'm curious how one gets the designation AP reporter? And if AP has had a "reporter" living in the Hurriyah neighborhood, why hasn't he been reporting first hand instead of the mythical Jamil Hussein? Could the AP reporter be Jamil himself?

I sometimes wish I could go back to just reading the paper and watching 60 minutes. This is harder.


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