Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some Lessons for the Movie Makers

Instapundit linked to a Zogby poll on entertainment habits. It shows that the main reason movie revenues are down is that people don't like the choice of movies. I thought about this a few times in the last year. As the kids grow and are more and more off doing their own thing, there are more and more opportunities for me and my beautiful wife to go out on our own.

Several times in the last year we decided to head out to a movie together.

There were a few times when after we had decided to go, I pull out the day's paper, open it on the kitchen table and stand there looking. Looking and looking. Jeez. There's nothing here that I want to go see.

So we didn't go.

Lesson 1: Make movies I want to see.

A couple more times, there's something new out...we heard all the hype... something I try to resist... and I would head over to rotten tomatoes to check out the reviews. The fact is, I'm not willing to pay good money for something that sucks. Maybe if the cost were a little less, I'd experiment more. But for risky ventures I'll spend $4 to rent the DVD or order on demand, rather than drop $16 bucks at the theater. So I look at the reviews and the trailers. We don't go to every "certified fresh" movie, but that's a good indicator that it won't suck. The price is why the $2 movie theaters can stay open around here. You go to the $2 theater you know the movie will be mediocre or already out on video (DVD). But hey, it's only two bucks.

Lesson 2: Cheaper ticket prices. I'm willing to risk less money on a potential medicre movie. (What ever happened to military discounts at the movies?)

I can only remember going to three movies in the last year... even though I'm sure we went to more - the Departed, Borat, and Volver. Wanted to see Apocalypto, but it didn't stay in the theater very long... bet that was more a political decision. But that's another story.

Had one awful, awful movie on DVD the other day - American Dreamz. Wife is a big Hugh Grant fan. But I think we got through maybe 15 or 20 minutes before we turned it off and sent it back to netflix. It's a movie by and for Amerika haters and a great big "Fuck You" from Hollywood to those of us in flyover land or Jesusland. Back at ya buddy.

Lesson 3: Satire is fine, but don't expect us to pay for disdain.


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