Friday, September 02, 2005

Petty Officer Briefs the President on Katrina Situation

I just saw live on Fox news a Coast Guard Rescue swimmer briefing President Bush, standing shoulder to shoulder looking at a map on a table. My hat's off to the Coast Guard Captain, the on-scene commander, who brought him in. That's real leadership - giving credit to the people who make it happen. The Petty Officer was quite impressive by the way, well spoken, gave some good information and concrete examples of what he had seen. He should know, that the President will use the information to make decisions that will affect the lives of thousands of people.
I'm also reminded again of just what a real leader the President is. He says the right things, provides a clear vision of what needs to happen. For men of action, his words provided true focus and direction. It was really moving. Boy, do I miss operations.

By the way, I also like getting reminded that the President is a Southerner. He said that how most folks could help now, was to "send cash money to the Red Cross and Salvation Army." Cash-money. Gotta love it.

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