Saturday, July 07, 2007

Snark Saturday

Checking my usual reads this more I noticed two snarks, one on Hotair and another over at Scalzi (to be honest, I read Scalzi only occasionally, but always enjoy it. Today I clicked in from Chapomatic)...

Since they're both out there, it's hard not to compare the two efforts. Scalzi is the clear winner. I appreciate his including the text of the commentary he's replying to and the full response. Bryan mislabels his snark as a fisking, (usually a line by line rebutal that can include snark), and then comments a few times that he really would rather not be doing this. Unfortunately his reluctance to fully engage the target shows. Scalzi shows no such reluctance, even getting his eight year old daughter involved. Brilliant and entertaining.

Oh yeah, phrase of the day... hideous arse candles Check it out.


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