Thursday, June 21, 2007

If Only There Had Been a Ferry

As far as using different transportation modes, yesterday was an adventure.
I drove my car to the park n' ride lot outside Atlanta, took the express bus to downtown, then the subway to the airport, where I used the moving walkway and the automatic shuttles (rubber tires on fixed guideways with no driver - what are they really called?) to get to the gate where I took a plane to Ohio. Then I drove back home to Georgia.

Count the modes:
(1) car
(2) bus
(3) heavy rail
(4) moving walkway
(5) rubber tire/light rail
(6) commercial air

The amazing thing is how easy it all was. I covered well over 1200 miles door to door in about 21 hours... Including a stop at the original Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in (where else?) Kentucky. Total cost, for a one way Air Tran airline ticket, gas for the car, and food: Under $250.

The reason for the trip? To pick up a car I bought on Ebay.

We shouldn't take this for granted. I say, hooray for the internet technology that allows buyers and sellers to connect, and three cheers for a transportation network that allows buyers and sellers exchange goods quickly and cheaply.

I really don't know which netwrok is the greater marvel. May it's the two networks together. Such a deal might have been possible twenty years ago, but it would not have been as accessible, simple or cheap.

Regarding my title question: If there had been a ferry, I could have used all "modes" of transport.


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