Friday, July 06, 2007

AP Media Bias - Ignoring an Al Qaeda Massacre

Michel Yon has reported and followed up on good evidence of an AQI massacre in Diyala province. Why hasn't the Associated Press followed up on this?

Mr. Yon made his reporting and photos available.

A letter has been sent to the board.

A blogswarm has been requested.

What does it take? Would they cover it if the killings were alleged done by American troops? You bet your ass they would. So what does it say about the media?

Exactly this

"..Our words, images, arguments and skills can’t stop the killing. Only the rough soldiers and their guns can solve the problem, and we won’t admit that fact because the admission would weaken our [media] influence and our [media's] claim to social status.

So we pretend Yon’s massacre – and the North Korean killing fields, the Arab treatment of women, the Arab hatred of Israel, etc. - doesn’t exist, and instead focus our emotions and attention on the somewhat-bad domestic things that we can ‘fix’ with our DC-based allies. Things such as Abu Ghraib, wiretapping, etc. When we ‘fix’ them, then we get status, applause, power, new jobs, ego, etc..."


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