Sunday, July 08, 2007


According the some Islamic world views there is no cause and effect. "...all we see are two events occurring one right after another, there is no reason to think that one event causes the other. There is no causal glue that holds the cause and affect together...."

"That is, nature tends to follow certain rules and laws, and this happens to be the way nature works. Things have a nature, and by their nature they tend to act in a certain way...God created the universe to act in a certain way, however, according to Ghazali, this natural course of events can be suspended by God."

This idea is reflected in the Insh'Allah (God willing) attitude that many in the West can find so frustrating when dealing people in the Arab world.
"We'll meet you there, Insh'Allah"
"My car will start, Insh'Allah"

This is why when you see Islamic fighters, terrorists included, give a shout out, "God is Great!" or Allahuakhbar! when conducting an attack. God is great because he has allowed the natural laws to remain in effect.
Pull the trigger, the weapon fires, Allahuakhbar!
Send the signal, the device explodes, Allahuakhbar!

So what to make of the failed jihadi car bombs in London last week? These were smart guys. They rigged the devices to explode and burn, Insh'Allah. According to some reports they used two cell phones in the vehicles as trigger devices. But the bombs didn't explode as they should have according to the natural laws of sparks, fire, and propane gas. Did God intervene to preempt the natural laws? To that I say Allahuakhbar!

The terrorists then moved on to Glasgow, where they would stay with a similar device until it detonated, Insh'allah, sending the jihadis to a deserved reward in Paradise.

But it didn't detonate. And the lead jihadi is not lounging in the cool shade of trees by the flowing waters of paradise. He is writhing in pain from the burns he suffered trying to kill little children. God has given him a taste now, on this earth, of the flames of Hell that await him for eternity. How long will he suffer here? That depends. Although pain management is problematic and burn victims suffer greatly, when modern technology works, victims can live, Insh'Allah.

A long time. Insh'Allah.


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