Monday, May 21, 2007

What Libertarian Means To Me

I have a strong sense of right and wrong. But because something is wrong, doesn't mean the government needs to be involved....

Some acts are inherently evil. Bad for society. They violate someone right to life or property. Murder. Rape. Arson. Theft. Those acts are rightly criminalized and punished. Other acts, called "victimless" may be wrong or bad... but crimes? By criminalizing them, the government inflicts more harm than good.

Let's start with something easy. Teenagers having sex. They always done it, always will. In modern society where one is not considered an "adult" until later in life, it's wrong for teenagers to have sex. The consequences are responsibility (a child) that the modern teenager is ill-equipped to accept. So here in Georgia, it's a crime.

I will grant that it's wrong for unmarried teens to have sex. They shouldn't do it. I don't approve. I don't condone it.

But criminal? Is sex between two teens a criminal act that should result in jail time and designation as a sex offender? It should not be.

How about underage drinking? Is it wrong? No, not in moderation. The simple act of having a couple of beers does not rise to the level where government intervention is required.

Same with drug use. It's wrong and destructive. But what is more destructive? An occasional joint or years in jail? Government intervention is what causes most of the pain, not the act.

Libertarians and true conservatives understand this.

Next example..........


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