Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Republican Party Just Doesn't Get it

But this guy does "So many people in the Republican party are coming unhinged because they are being ignored...."I favor massively increasing legal immigration (my wife and mother are immigrants.) Illegal immigration simply can't continue like this- people will freak out. That's happening before our eyes. What's amazing is that the political class is so deaf to the concerns of their constituents."

I agree and this has bothered me for a while. That is, I'm not hearing arguments from the party that ring true with me. If anyone believes in the promise, the opportunity of America, it's conservatives. That sense of hope that should also be the immigrant ideal. Think about it, almost every American descends from those brave souls who gave up all they knew in the hope of making something better for themselves and their families. They didn't come for handouts. I don't think immigrants have changed. It's not the fearful and timid who come to America. It is those who have the fortitude to do great things. Those who would prefer to wait for help, those who are more naturally aligned with the left, are by and large still waiting back in their home countries.

Conservatives, true thinking conservatives, have failed to make this our issue.

As I said earlier. Shame on you. You have failed us.


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