Thursday, May 17, 2007

McCain Sucks

Too bad. Would've liked to support a Navy guy. But I'm afraid that after his performance the other night, and now this Senate compromise bill granting amnesty. He's toast.

Why are these important to me?

In the debate he said that you had to compromise to get things done. My problem is that with McCain-Feingold he compromised on the First Amendment. Sorry, but compromising on fundamental human rights makes me wonder what other principles he would sacrifice to the god of bipartisan progress. Frankly, if you did the wrong thing, it doesn't matter much that you "did something."

I think the same thing probably happened with the immigration bill. You've still got a chance. Don't vote for it. Don't do it.

CDR Salamander has a discussion too. He said FOD. Heh heh.

UPDATED: Nate asks a valid question... Who do I support? That's the problem... there is no one I support yet. None of them have me fired up. So at this point I can only watch and discount who I won't vote for. In all fairness, I've been down on McCain for some years (again, ever since McCain-Feingold and his second amendment stand after the 2000 campaign.) But he is considered a "top tier," so I'll listen. I fear that his willingness to shift on what I consider fundamental principles indicates a weak leader. Positions are negotiable, principles are not. If he's willing to "compromise" and "reach across the aisle" on the First and Second Amendment, which others are negotiable? As a Senator, he's not a limited government kind of guy. This is what, in my mind, will make him unelectable to the office of POTUS.

Here's an idea. First one to campaign on FAIR Tax and eliminating the IRS wins.


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