Friday, May 11, 2007

War Fatigue?

From the Chicago Tribune "Eleven GOP moderates, led by Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), met with Bush and top administration officials Tuesday to deliver what one participant called a "strong signal" about the electoral dangers that "war fatigue and war weariness" pose for Republicans in 2008."

It's obvious they are not talking about "the troops" and their families here. They're not talking about the active duty folks in the Navy and Air Force who wonder why they don't "feel" like we're at war.

They're talking about the rest of us. The America that has time for weeks of the Anna Nichole saga, the Superbowl, and the NCAA finals.

War fatigue and war weariness? What war fatigue and war weariness?

What work have Americans done that could possibly tire us out?

Not a damn thing. No exertion. No sacrifice.

We are not tired. We haven't been asked to do anything yet.

It's the politicians who are tired. On both sides. They are tired and afraid. Tired of talking about it, and afraid that they won't get elected or re-elected because of it.

Shame on the Democrats for maneuvering America into a position where failure seems to become an acceptable option.

Shame on the Republicans for failing to lead us to victory when they had the chance.

Shame. Que verguenza. стыдно


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