Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Open Season from Stuck in the Mojo

I just bought my first CD in a while from these guys - Stuck Mojo

I bought it for a few reasons -
First off I've been waiting to hear from a band (non-country) that understands that we're at war. These bubbas obviously get it. 'bout fuckin' time someone did.
Second, not only do they get the message right... the music's pretty good too. Rock meets rap - not in a weak way - but with the hard edges of both. Good warrior music.
Another reason is that these guys are trying the new marketing model - they're giving out their tracks for free - but you can order the cd if you like it. After reading the story of this band's problems with getting paid for previous music, I can understand. I know nothing about the music business, so don't know if their story is common, but I have a suspicion that it is. In that case - good for them.

Here's the link to their video on youtube. Also Michelle Malkin over at HotAir is following what might be suspicious goings on with their youtube honors/ranking.


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