Sunday, May 07, 2006

Republicans Can Get My Vote if...

Will the GOP have it's ass handed to it this November? It's looking more and more like it. Apart from the war against fascism (and I mean Islamists, not Bush), I don't see a reason to vote the federal representatives back to Washington. Why not? They and their pundits don't even get it. According to Robert Novak "Republican National Chairman Kenneth Mehlman went to Capitol Hill last Tuesday to warn the party's House and Senate campaign staffers of dire consequences unless Republicans break the current legislative deadlock. Mehlman stressed the necessity to pass a budget resolution and an immigration reform bill, dealing with two issues that seriously concern the Republican base."

Legislative deadlock? A budget resolution? Get outside the beltway. I don't care.

Immigration reform? Come on. It's a fake issue, made for media. It doesn't concern me. This is a manufactured issue. If the existing laws "aren't working," it's not because there aren't enough of them, it's because Congress hasn't provided the resources to enforce them. All the immigrants I see, and there are many in Atlanta, whether legal or illegal, are busy working. They are contributing to a booming economy and providing for their families.

My solution to the "immigration problem." Close the borders, put up a wall, barbed wire, minefields (whoops - can't do that - thanks Bill), machine guns. Then let in everyone who wants to come to work. Read their passports. Then let them in. I don't mind immigrants, I do mind not knowing who's here.

An AP story at MSNBC outlines a few more issues "Conservative voters blame the White House and Congress for runaway government spending, illegal immigration and lack of action on social issues such as a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage. Those concerns come on top of public worries about Iraq, the economy and gasoline prices."

Government spending? Yep, I'm pissed. More pork here than a Carolina cook out.

Gay Marriage? Sigh. Give me a break. It's not a federal issue. Let the states decide. If I want to marry my gay lover, I'll move to New England. But I know it ain't happening here in Georgia.

And please, true conservatives don't criticize the federal government for "lack of action." To the contrary, our questions should be "why does this require federal action?" and "Is there constitutional authority for federal action?" Two questions that don't seem to be asked enough by Republicans.

No. I’m think there is only one thing that could get me to mark a Republican ballot this fall...

Go back to the principle that we have too much government. The government shouldn’t be a regulatory and financial burden on it’s citizens. That means…

Tax reform.


And I don’t mean some half-assed tinkering with capital gains, or this or that deduction. Some of the namby-pamby recommendations by the President’s task force. The gutless wonders who looked at a “…progressive consumption tax plan that would be administered using the infrastructure of our familiar tax system, but was unable to reach a consensus to include it as a recommendation. The Panel also considered ideas for a value-added tax and a national retail sales tax, and decided not to recommend either approach.”

I mean eliminate the IRS, eliminate income taxes, eliminate corporate taxes, and implement exactly that massive overhaul; with a VAT or national retail tax; that the task force lacked the courage to even recommend.

That’s what will get me interested in the GOP again. Courage and principle.

Oh and by the way… this solves one angle of the immigration “problem” by bringing in federal taxes on that under the table money that the 11 million illegals are earning and spending.

Will they do it? Not on your life. So the Republicans will have their asses handed to them in November.

As well they should. They’ve earned it.

Update: Alas... I wish that's how it could be. But the sad fact is that the GOP has us over a barrel. As I said at the beginning of the post, "...Apart from the war against fascism..." The crux of the matter is that there can be no "...apart from the war.." until the enemy is no longer a threat. Be it the total destruction of WWII, or the ideological victory of the Cold War. The Democrats haven't figured this out... they're beholden to the Peace Now losers and Dhimmis. The GOP has put before us the choice of betraying our economic and constitutional principles or letting the Democrats take over and surrendering to the enemy. Hmm. Freedom or survival? You bastards.


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