Thursday, March 30, 2006

Will Jill Shill for Jihadis? UPDATED

Jill Carroll, the American reporter captured and whose fearful visage was featured in several jihadi videos, has been released unharmed. Not only that, the Foxnews reports that "... she had been treated well, despite the group threatening twice in videotapes to kill her. .." (Guess she forgot about them killing her translator... no threat to her mebbe. By the way, are threats of death defined as torture?)

Of course, the United Nations issued a statement of condemnation after "...human rights experts found that...(they)... failed to comply with international human rights and law of war obligations by detaining indefinitely and without charges..." whoops, sorry, that the statement from the UN group that didn't visit Gitmo.

Anyway. Back to Jill. According to the Foxnews report, a statement by her captors, the Revenge Brigade, declared "the loyal reporters are the friends and brothers of the mujhaideen, and their loud voice defends them (Mjahideen.)
"Jill Carol, go back in peace to your family and to your country, to tell them and to the American people what you saw and heard during these three months. You are a witness of the events here and we have full confidence in you that you will tell the truth without any falsification."

So.... Let's listen for her "loud voice" as she makes the rounds of the MSM talk shows, writes her book, and generally cashes in for keeping her head while in captivity, whacha wanna bet that this "loyal" reporter shows just what a friend of the mujahideen she really is?

I'd love to be wrong on this one.

UPDATE: 4/1/06 I was wrong on this. Gladly so. I guess my views had been colored by the recent release of the CPT hostages and their failure to speak out. According to a statement posted on Breitbart Ms Carroll has stated

"...Things that I was forced to say while captive are now being taken by some as an accurate reflection of my personal views. They are not. The people who kidnapped me and murdered Alan Enwiya are criminals, at best....

I also gave a TV interview to the Iraqi Islamic Party shortly after my release. ... fearing retribution from my captors, I did not speak freely. Out of fear I said I wasn't threatened. In fact, I was threatened many times.

...let me be clear: I abhor all who kidnap and murder civilians, and my captors are clearly guilty of both crimes..."

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