Thursday, April 13, 2006

Terror Wins - Southpark Censored

I watched the 1st amendment episode of SouthPark last night. They didn't show Mohammed.

According to a report over at Michelle Malkin, the censorship screen on the show where the scene of Mohammed should have been was real. Not a part of the show.

My God... didn't they watch the 1st Amendment episode themselves? Have they checked the dictionary for the word "irony?"

What will they censor next?
Jon Stewart?

The fact is that they didn't not show Mohammed in the 1st Amendment episode of South Park because of sensitivity to religion. The clip of Jesus crapping on Bush rules out that argument. No, the fact is that they censored the episode becuase Muslims blow shit up when they're offended. Comedy Central has given in to the Nazis.

Cowards. With more of this, we'll soon find ourselves in the cattle cars on the way to the showers.



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