Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Reagan Diaries 5/18/1981

Monday, May 18
We may have a chance in Lebanon of heading off a war. The Saudis sent an emissary to Syria. Our problem now is 2 pol. leaders Assad  Begin finding a way that saves both their faces doesn't look like the u.S. managed this.
Met with Volcker of the Fed. Reserve. Int. prime rates went to 20 today. This is "chicken little" stuff in the money mkt. based on pessimism that Congo won't give us what we're asking so inflation will go up.
Bill Smith came in with a task force report on immigration. Our 1st problem is what to do with 1000's of Cubans-criminals, the insane that Castro loaded on refugee boats and sent here.
Finally an interview with Teddy White. Yes now I'll be in a book called "The Making of the Pres."
Tonite we went to the Lisner Auditorium for the benefit performance by the Joffrey Ballet. Ron is featured in much of it-the old show biz story. One of the principles strained a muscle & Ron replaced him. He was darn good. He has a grace that is remindful of Fred Astaire-a little extra flair that makes it all look easy.


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