Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chavez and Airborne Reconnaissance

Chavez claims to have intercepted or detected US recon aircraft in or near his airspace twice now. The tone of his claims is aggressive, but framed to sound as if we are the aggressors. Electronic warfare is what it is, but to the average person, it sounds nasty. Not something you want being done to your country.

Flying reconnaissance missions is a passive operation. You fly off the coast, stay out of their airspace, and monitor what's going on. Nothing to get excited about. But Chavez is getting excited. The fact that our aircraft are being noticed is worrisome. Is he laying the groundwork for a more serious "incident?"

Remember this guys and gals - When you are flying near hostile airspace, where you actually are is not as important as where they think you are.

Keep flying, but let's be careful out there.


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