Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Angry President, Part II

I first wrote about our angry president back in December.  It is now May, 2010 and President Obama is still angry. 

He's angry about different things now. Most recently "...about the oil spill, its magnitude, and BP’s stalling,” but also, since December he has been reported angry about the failure to prevent the Christmas terror attack, and he was really angry at Israel after Vice President Biden's visit.  There are reports of angry exchanges between the US and Afghan President Karzai, but most only refer to "the administration" generally, so I'll give the president a pass on that one.

Some might wonder if it's just political theater.  The president being clear on what's important.  I don't think so.  The reason I think not is because of all the coverage of the president talking about how the public is angry.  Without debating the causes, or how angry people really are, let's just accept that he understands it, because he's an angry guy.

Have you ever worked for an "angry boss?" The one who is constantly pissed about something. It has a tendency to get personal. It is not a pleasant place to work. People begin to withhold information or not have frank discussions needed because they don't want to become the next target.  Now take that angry boss and put him (or her) in the most powerful office in the world. Would you want to be in a White House meeting where the boss is angry?  Not I.

Anger is not a healthy emotion in an individual. It is especially unhealthy when that individual leads an organization. It wears over time. On everyone. It weakens communication. It clouds the judgment and impairs decision making.

It is still worrisome to have an angry president.


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