Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Plan for Economic Recovery

The things that led to our country's economic troubles are myriad and complex. Credit default swaps, subprime mortgages, paper no one understood, easy credit, negative savings, etc. The list goes on and on.

It seems that the Obama Administration wants to get us out of the morass by trying to put a different spin on the things that got us in. As I heard the other day, "If I pay my American Express card with my Visa, that's bad. When the government does it, it's "stimulus.""

So I say, stop it. I have a solution.

Make stuff. Sell it.

It's really that simple... okay, if you're a six sigma company, your formula would be: Find out what customers want. Make that. Sell it.

For our nation to recover economically, we just need to starting making and selling stuff again. That's how real wealth is created. Yes. It is that simple. Think about it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where is the Oversight?

Over at Hotair they are linking to a criticism that there will be insufficient oversight of Porkulus, er, I mean the Recovery Act money. It shouldn't have been that hard. Here's some easy math...

$787,000,000,000 is the amount of money being spent...
$7,870,000,000 is one percent that could've been set aside for oversight
52,467 is the number of FTE, including salary, benefits, and travel budgets (at $150K each) you could get for that amount.
13,117 is how many auditors, inspectors, and contract managers you could hire and fund travel for for four years.
262 is the average number of auditors, inspectors, and contract managers that could be hired in each state.

But they didn't do that did they? Think that one percent of the stimulus money might be lost to fraud, waste, and abuse? More?

So why wouldn't they devote a mere one percent to making sure the money is spent properly. Unless they aren't really interested in that at all.


Monday, April 06, 2009

The Second Amendment

Sadly, the rush to exploit tragedy to advance statist political agendas has begun. Here, there, everywhere they call to take away the arms from free men.

Please remember this, those of you who would restrict posession of firearms to the police and the military. What makes you so sure they'll always be on your side?