Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Issues and Answers

I posted the candidate's quiz below, but some of the candidates answers are too wishy washy.... Here's my take. (Canned answers in italics)

1. How do you feel about civil liberties in post-9/11 America?
We need a careful balance between the protection of civil liberties and the ability to combat terrorism.

2. What is your opinion on same-sex marriage?
Marriage is a sacrament. Why is government involved at all? This is not a government issue, much less federal. Given that, I am totally opposed to a Constitutional amendment prohibiting "gay marriage." But not because I think that gay sex is right, it isn't, but because the Constitution has two roles: to protect the peoples' rights throught force of law or to enable the government with some power. Banning something does neither.

3. How do you feel about free trade?
Free trade is both necessary and good for the nation.

4. How do you feel about the Iraq War?
We made a commitment to Iraq and must keep our troops there until our goals are achieved.

5. What are your views on the death penalty?
It should be very rare, but not outlawed.

6. How do you feel about marijuana legalization?
It should be legalized and regulated similar to alcohol.
May as well do other "recreational" drugs too. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper to treat abuse as a health problem than a criminal one.

7. Where do you stand on abortion?
Overturn Roe v. Wade and allow the states to pass abortion bans. (or permit it). It's killing babies, but it's not a federal issue. Allow the states? I don't subscribe to the primacy of the federal government. The states "allow" the federal system.

8. Where do you stand on the balance of business vs. workers?
What is the issue? Workers work. Businesses grow and hire more workers.

9. What is your view on the national budget?
It's too big. Less government.

10. Where do you stand on embryonic stem cell research? Answer as if alternatives (adult stem cells) do not pan out.
This research should have no support from the federal government beyond what Bush has provided.
If there is promising research then it will be funded privately. Private companies can patent resulting stem cell lines, thereby reaping any returns.

11. Should Social Security be privatized?
Sure Better yet, return it to the "widows and orphans" benefit it was originally meant to be. Not a federal pension plan. Most people could have done a lot better with their money.
The Federal Thrift Savings Plan seems to work well.

12. How should we address immigrants who entered the country illegally?
Are they working? Okay, they can stay as long as they don't break the law again. Citizenship. Hmm. No.

13. How do you feel about issues relating to energy and the environment?
Nuclear power. Clean, Safe, Cheap. Regulate it less and let the market decide.

14. What is your view on the minimum wage?
We should keep the minimum wage, but it should not be raised, or it should only be raised slightly.

15. What should be done about health care?
No significant changes are needed at this time.

16. Where do you stand on gun control?
Gun ownership is a protected right that must not be infringed upon.

17. What is America's role in an overseas crisis such as the genocide in Darfur?
The US has no major role to play. As sad as the situation is, it doesn't impact our security. Seems like an African issue to me.
I Expect Premium Ingredients in a Premium Product.

Thought I would pick up some ice cream at Publix tonight and got to checking ingredients. Ben and Jerry's, Haagen Daas, Dove, all premium ice creams at about $3.79 a pint. All with corn syrup as a sweetener. Even a Publix "homemade" brand had it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't add corn syrup to a home churned ice cream.

My point is that corn syrup is used because it's a cheap sweetener. Understandable in a cheaper product, but not in a premium brand. If I pay premium prices for a premium brand, I expect premium ingredients. For sweets, that means good old cane sugar. Did Ben and Jerry, Haagen Daas, and Dove forget that?

Breyers is apparently the only one that gets it. At half the price (5.79 for a "half gallon"). I bought two.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Violence Mars Iraq Holy Processions

Fox News reports "BAGHDAD — Hundreds of thousands of frenzied Shiites beat their heads and chests in unison and whipped themselves with chains Saturday across Iraq to honor the martyrdom of one of their most revered saints. The processions were marred by violence with a deadly bombing in northern Iraq and clashes south of Baghdad...."

Does no one see the irony in that?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Women in Combat

"Kick the door in, don't knock"

This is funny until you ask what happens when bad guys are in there. Reminded me of a series of articles by Prof. Kingsley Browne, over at volokh.com

Thursday, January 10, 2008

74% John McCain
72% Mike Huckabee
71% Mitt Romney
71% Fred Thompson
59% Ron Paul
55% Rudy Giuliani
53% Tom Tancredo
47% Bill Richardson
36% Chris Dodd
34% Barack Obama
34% Hillary Clinton
32% John Edwards
31% Mike Gravel
29% Dennis Kucinich
21% Joe Biden

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz