Sunday, July 06, 2008

Zero KIA in Iraq, US Media MIA

According to the British press, the huge effort in Mosul is yielding fruit. Why isn't the US media covering this? See the link...

Also, after hearing so much about "grim milestones" US forces have now gone over ten days without a death in Iraq due to enemy action. The last combat deaths were June 26 when Corporal Pruedhomme, Captain Dykeman, and Lieutenant-Colonel Galeai were killed in Al-Anbar. See

So, we have a major victory against a tough enemy and at the SAME TIME have gone ten days with no one killed in action. Did you see the headlines? You gotta wonder why. My thoughts, because any hint of success would run counter to the current thinking about how big a "mistake" Iraq was, and worse than that, could show this administration in a positive light.

The press makes choices about what they report and what they don't report. Shame on them for choosing to ignore the hard won successes of our brave men and women.

(Yes I know the difference between Al-Anbar and Ninawa. My point holds.)


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