Saturday, May 03, 2008

A letter to Congressman Paul Broun,

I am disappointed that you did not respond to my note last week (submitted through your Congressional website) regarding your sponsorship of HR5821.

You must understand that up until now I was fully supportive of your work. I voted for you last year because of your veteran's perspective and my resentment of the other candidate's sense of entitlement to the seat. Your sponsorship of HR5821 has caused me to reconsider. This bill does not even pass the four-part test you set.

1) Is it Moral / Right?
2) Is it Constitutional?
3) Is it Necessary?
4) Is it Affordable?

Your previous statements about limited government had me encouraged that the party could get back to its true conservative roots. Now, not so much.

In fact, on the military blogs, people were recently discussing how the Republican party is losing the military vote. You may be surprised to find yourself mentioned.

I have included a link for your consideration.

As before, I urge you to pull your sponsorship for HR5821. It is bad legislation. Recognize the mistake it was and let's move onto important work.


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