Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Music?

Koran Karaoke courtesy of My Pet Jawa

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

An Open Letter to Dave Letterman.

I've been watching you for 20 years. You showed a mean side I hadn't seen before with that idiot from Fox news. He's a populist ass, not a real conservative, but I thought your lack of open-mindedness was closer to the Hollywood elite than middle America guy I thought you were. We are at war. We are the good guys. There are bad guys. And our president is leading the fight against. I haven't watched you since that show, and I don't intend to until I hear that you've come back to the side of the little guy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Culture Wars? What Culture Wars?

These are some of the golden globe winners....
Brokeback Mountain (a 'human' story about shepherd on shepherd) is best picture (with best director and best song).
Geena Davis (outsmarts the evil right wing conspiracy) as Best Performance by an Actress in a television series.
Paradise Now (about Palestinian suicide bombers) as best foreign film.

Who are the people who vote for this? Like Fahrenheit 911, they can spin brokeback mountain as much as they want. I still will have zero, zero, interest in seeing it. I don't think anyone who goes to my church has seen any of these. I haven't. Hollywood wonders why revenues were down this year. Blogs and the internet have given consumers variety, control, and choice over news and information... let's hope entertainment (other than porn) is not far behind.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NYT Shows Bias or Maybe Just Plain Cluenessness

I'm not sure if this is liberal bias. Anti public servant bias? Maybe it reflects a bias of cynicism. Maybe a hint of anti-Americanism thrown in for good measure. You be the judge.

In an otherwise well balanced article by ADAM LIPTAK and ADAM NAGOURNEY reporting on yesterday's confirmation hearings for nominated SCOTUS Assoc. Justice Alito, the authors closed with this beauty

"Asked by Senator Kyl why he wanted to serve on the Supreme Court, Judge Alito gave an answer that contrasted with Judge Bork's famous response in 1987. Judge Bork, whose nomination was defeated, said the court's work would be "an intellectual feast."

Judge Alito gave a blander, almost bureaucratic answer.

"I think it's an opportunity for me to serve the country," he said, "using whatever talent I have."

As someone who spent half his life in using whatever talent I had in service to the country, first as active duty Navy, now as a civilian, I take offense that someone's motivation to serve would be characterized as "bland" or "almost bureaucratic." I would guess there are a lot of men and women in uniform or federal service who would feel the same way.

Bland? There are those of us who see public service as a high calling. Bureaucratic?Every day I deal with public servants who care deeply about doing the right thing, protecting the rights of the powerless, and being good stewards of the resources entrusted us. (As an aside, there is no higher form of public service that military service).

Bland and bureaucratic. How about humble, but inspiring? How about straightforward and refreshing?

Bland and bureaucratic. What arrogant, selfish bastards you must be to think like that. How dare you denigrate the motives of one who professes a desire to serve a cause higher than his own personal interests. I pity you. I pity you becuase you will never know the reward or satisfaction that comes from truly serving the public. Bland and bureaucratic indeed.

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