Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Culture Wars? What Culture Wars?

These are some of the golden globe winners....
Brokeback Mountain (a 'human' story about shepherd on shepherd) is best picture (with best director and best song).
Geena Davis (outsmarts the evil right wing conspiracy) as Best Performance by an Actress in a television series.
Paradise Now (about Palestinian suicide bombers) as best foreign film.

Who are the people who vote for this? Like Fahrenheit 911, they can spin brokeback mountain as much as they want. I still will have zero, zero, interest in seeing it. I don't think anyone who goes to my church has seen any of these. I haven't. Hollywood wonders why revenues were down this year. Blogs and the internet have given consumers variety, control, and choice over news and information... let's hope entertainment (other than porn) is not far behind.


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