Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday and Any Day travel tips

I've traveled around the world a few times on both military and commercial planes. I just got back from a trip this evening and thought I'd share some travel tips:

My number one rule applies to business or military travel
#1. Wear the clothes that you could wear to your first meeting. You may have to. This mainly applies if you're checking a bag, but could still apply if your carry on is stolen, misplaced or you forget to grab it after they stow it in the hold. If you're wearing clothes that are inappropriate for your first meeting and your bag is not with you, you either will have to go the meeting dressed wrong or spend the time and money buying new clothes for the meeting. The former can be a deal breaker or leave a lasting bad first impression. The latter assumes stores exist and are open (not always the case), but in any case you've added to the stress of losing the stuff in the first place. Avoid the possible hassle and wear the clothes you could wear to your first meeting.

Cover that skin. This is similar to number one, but the reasoning is more sanitary than business. Airports may look clean but millions and millions of people move through them each day. I'm amazed at seeing people travelling in shorts, short skirts or with bare midriffs. I have nothing against this stylewise or morally, but I consider bare skin on an airline seat to be like sleeping in unchanged sheets at a motel on the interstate. If that doesn't bother you, go ahead. But it really is just nasty.

Thinking of nasty. Put your shoes on when you go to the lavatory. Really. Socks are no match for what's on the floor in there... With all the stuff you're picking up, you're definitely helping the cleaning staff.

In seat selection, remember that the following seats don't recline: the row just forward of the exit row, some exit row and rear bulkhead seats. Avoid them.

Be polite and courteous...especially to people who are working to get you and hundreds of other people from point a to point b, as well as you're fellow travellers - they may have had a worse day than you. Be nice to the gate agents and flight attendents. Don't load your stuff on top of someone else's in the overhead bin.

Wear a jacket or a sweater. It can be cold on the plane.

Security - never leave your bags unattended, they'll get stolen or blown up. Don't hang around the unsecured areas longer than necessary. Most airport attacks occur at the ticket counters (Rembember Rome and LA).

That's all that comes to mind right now. Travel light, Stay safe, God bless.
Check the weather where you're going


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