Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is God Punishing the Jihadists Now?

The Tsunami, hurricanes Katrina and Stan, now the earthquake. They are unmitigated tragedies in the truest sense, causing pain and loss that no compassionate person would wish upon another.

According to the Telegraph, some terrorist training camps have been destroyed by the earthquake.

It wasn't too long ago that Islamo-fascist jihadists were claiming that Katrina was the wrath of God brought down on the evil Americans... Have they reconsidered?

What is it? Is God angry at both sides now? Is He punishing the Jihadists for ascribing their own motives to His will?

Be careful before you elevate yourself to where you can interpret God's intent or reason for events. It's arrogance of the highest sort to presume that men can understand God's intent. It may be revealed as time passes, but trying to read the Lord's will into current events is not the game of a true believer. More likely a mortal trying to justify his own actions.

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