Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Random Thoughts.
Sorry for not posting in almost a week.

Well I quit my job today. I can't work for an organization that allows people to behave unethically. Unfortunately, I've watched them do wrong several times before gathering the courage to leave. There was a great quote I saw posted in an Army unit once... "There are no second chances on integrity..."

That pretty much sums it up. How can you work with someone who will sit in a meeting and lie directly to the boss? How can you work with someone you don't trust? How can you work with someone who puts their own advantage ahead of the mission or needs of the organization? My answer is that I can't.

My only question now is do I file a complaint? Become a whistleblower? There's a line between "merely" unethical and illegal. Have they crossed it? I don't know. Is it a courage issue? By reporting it do I protect their next hapless victim or do I just bring unknown wrath upon myself. Modern racists are insidious, smart. They won't say ni88er, or spic, or chink to your face - but their actions speak volumes. On the other hand, society lets it be okay to be an a$$hole, as long as you're not racially motivated. How to tell the difference?


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