Friday, September 23, 2005

The Reason They Hate Us is....
I think we, as Americans in general, have forgotten how to hate. Now, don't get me wrong. That's a good thing. The only problem is, that we don't understand it when we see it.

The enemy (fascist islamists) hates us. They hate us with every fiber of their beings. They hate us so much that they will fly planes into our buildings, blow up the children of fellow Muslims, and issue religious opinions justifying the murder of up to 4 million American women and children.

What is the reaction of some to this kind of hate? Some say, "we must seek to understand why they hate us" or "they hate us because of this or that..."

To the suggestion that we somehow must understand "why" they hate us, and if we only change our ways, they'll stop hating us" I respond that even asking the question "Why?" is wrong.

We cannot ask why they hate us, because to ask why presumes that there may be a legitimate response. Could they possibly say anything that would cause you to say, "Oh, of course, now I understand why you want to kill me, that's perfectly reasonable." I certainly hope your answer is no, but if it isn't, let me put it another way.

The Germans were a highly civilized people. They came up with "reasonable" and well thought out answers to the question, "Why do you hate the Jews?" Enough people listened to the answer and thought, "Oh, of course, now I understand why we must be rid of them, that's perfectly reasonable." The holocaust was the result. Don't become so civilized that you forget the difference between right and wrong. Hate of that magnitude is the manifestation of evil. There can be no justification for it.

Bottom line: Reject the question because there can be no acceptable answer.

I'll close with two lines from an interview with a holocaust survivor....
Q. What did you learn from the Holocaust?
A. That when someone tells you that they are going to kill you...believe them.


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