Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Russian Envoy to India on Chechen "Militant" Hit List

The Russian Ambassador to India, Vyacheslav Trubnikov, has requested additional security after Russian intelligence warned of a "a threat to his life from certain militant groups having links with extremist organisations in Chechnya."

Indian intelligence and security agencies too have warned the Home Ministry that militant groups are planning to eliminate Trubnikov.

Intelligence sources confirmed that there were reports indicating a possible link between Chechen rebels and militant outfits like the Jaish-e-Mohammed and the
Lashkar-e-Tayyeba which operate in the Kashmir.

Reports from the Hindustan Times and Pravda

Comment: Gee, those wouldn't be Islamist "militant" groups by any chance would they? I find it curious that Russian press repeats the term "militant" when referring to these terrorist groups. Normally they don't mince words, calling terrorists terrorists.

Let's get this clear. We are engaged in a global war against Islamist fascists. Not just Islamists, not just fascists. The enemy has a clear objective, to establish a global Caliphate ruled by Islamic law. The enemy views himself and his religon as superior to the decadent humanism of the West, or the idolatry of the East. Under sharia, non-Muslims (dhimmis) have rights barely above that of slaves (a condition also permitted and regulated by Islamic law).

For a view of what the world would be under that rule, one need look no further than Afghanistan under Taliban rule, or more recently, Qaim under Zarq.

"Public executions of policemen, local authorities and everyone who is suspected of collaboration with occupation forces began in the city. Militants replaced the existing court with Shariat's law and declared the formation of the Islamic Republic. "Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Qaim", the poster at the city entry reads. The majority of the militants are mercenaries from various Moslem countries, although some of them are Iraqis. They have the whole city under their control. They patrol it and build barricades."

We can't win until we identify who the enemy is.

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