Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ouch...NPR in an Ugly and Petty Display of Liberal Bias

How about this quote from NPRs coverage of the Roberts confirmation hearings - Linda Worthheimer regarding the Kelo case (asserting State power of eminent domain to take property for private development)..."(the case) ...
stirred up a lot of controversy among liberal and conservatives, particularly those with waterfront property I presume."

The implication of course is that conservatives are only horrified at the Kelo decision if they own waterfront property - the fact is that conservatives are horrified by it because it takes the top right off the takings clause. If government can take private property and give it to another private party - are there any real limits left on the power of government? Liberals dislike Kelo becuase it takes power from the "little guy." Essentially both conservatives and liberals dislike this ruling because it conflicts with the essence of their principles. To suggest otherwise is dispicable.


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