Thursday, December 24, 2009

European American Heritage Month

The good Phibian Salamander in his weekly Diversity Thursday post points out a poster on the site

For those folks who've said, "When will they have a European History Month?"

Here it is.

European American Heritage Month Poster

I had to comment.

Don't celebrate yet.

I went to the Diversity store to look at the other posters. I clicked through them all.

I found that (except the Greek poster) EVERY other diversity month poster has people on it. On every other one we see men, women, children, the famous, the common. On every one. Europeans are just flags, old places, and some funny (empty) shoes.

Images have meaning - Especially in Diversity Bully world where all is propaganda, all must send a "message". This image purports to celebrate Europeans, but can't depict them as people. It can only show old places, ruins, and outmoded traditions. I'm not too comfortable with that message.

On the other hand. Maybe it's not so sinister. Maybe they just couldn't figure out how to be inclusive with so diverse a group as Europeans. Then became fearful that if they took that thinking too far it would expose the lie of their work. Can't have that now can we?


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