Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Modern Sporting Rifle

I think this is a good idea...

"The National Shooting Sports Foundation is trying to rebuild the image of the AR-15 rifle and you can help. The NSSF has coined the term Modern Sporting Rifle to more accurately describe the AR-15 platform and is asking that shooters do the same. The NSSF asks you to be an informed gun owner and to use the following facts to correct misconceptions about these rifles."

Language is important. This has a decent ring to it...
Let's take the MSR-K to the range today.
Ammo's cheaper than for the MSR-A than the MSR-FN
Bubba just got a deal on an old MSR-C

*Modern Sporting Rifle - Kalashnikova.
*Modern Sporting Rifle - Armalite.
*Modern Sporting Rifle - Fabrique National
*Modern Sporting Rifle - CETME


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