Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Drunk Blogging the President's Speech

Good start about AFG... gets shakey on IQ
"character of men and women in uniform"
Legitimate govt of AFG is corrupt
Taliban increasingly brazen attacks against "Pakistani people"
Bush didn't give reinforcements
killing people is progress
AFG has moved backwards...
//from the 14th century to the 12th//
I owe you a clearly defined mission.
There has never been an option before me that called for deployments before 2010
I ordered a review
I havve determined that it is vital to send 30k more for 18 months to allow for a responsible withdrawal
Senate is polarized. Americans are focused on the economy
I have signed a letter to each and every one of the families of the dead...
//did Bush sign the letters or write them?//
we've captured terrorists here from there.


AFG objectives:
Deny AQ haven
Reverse Talib gain
Strengthen AFG govt

Military objectives - secure key population centers train AFG forces
Allies provided additional troops
Common security of the world is at stake
July 2011 is time to leave
Work to provide a more effective civilian strategy....
combat corruption
agriculture (ADM yay!)
To Afghanis: we want to end war in your country
strengthen those who built
American be your partner, not patron
We are in AFG to prevent cancer from spreading to Pahkistahn
Partnership with Pahkistahn too.
We cannot tolerate a safe haven
We are a strong supporter of Pahkistan
Address the arguments:
Vietnam? Only if you read history falsly.
Stay with troops we already have? That would just be muddling through.
//Pour another drink//
Why the timeline? Denies us urgency. Really no interest
I won't set goals beyond responsibility, means, interests.
/// Hmm, Stimulus? TARP?//
"By the time I took office..." //back to Bush again?//
War has cost us $1 trillion. //about as much as the stimulus//
Tells the military folks it won't be easy
//shows a sleeping or texting cadet//

"true security will come for those who reject (nuclear weapons)"


Promote our values - I will close GITMO,
America will speak out for human rights
//like we did during the Iranian elections?//
Giving a history lesson. We have underwritten global security. //the world is better//
We don't seek domination.
//has he ever talked about America like this?//

We fight for a better future.

Must summon all our might an moral suasion. Our people make us strong....
//good words//
Partisanship has poisoned the national discourse.
United after 911, we can summon that unity again.

Our cause is just, our resolve unwavering.


Grade: A-
Some weak points. but strong finish.


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