Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Will the President Take Responsibility for It All?

We're nine months into the Obama administration and the economy is still in the tank, the federal government is spending 1.4 TRILLION dollars more than they collected in taxes this year, and the "strategy" in AFG is adrift. But we still hear blame being directed to the Bush administration... they gave us a the financial crisis, a deficit, nothing in Afghanistan, ad nauseum.

All the while, pursuing the government takeover of medicine in the country, because we are in a self-declared, media hyped, politically driven "crisis." Actually letting those in Congress decide decide what goes into the trough.

No ownership. No responsibility. If the economy were rebounding, the budget reasonable, the war being won...the President would rightly take the credit that his actions were having a positive effect. But none of that is happening. The President needs to own these problems, if his approach isn't working, then he needs to change.

Hmm... maybe in his view it IS all working. Manufacturing a crises so deep, only the gummit can save us?


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