Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fox News Sends Hamas Message

Fox news on the 12noon Eastern broadcast today showed footage of the fighting in Gaza. Israeli aircraft flying low and firing rockets against Hamas positions... then as the reporter discussed the overflowing hospitals and shortage of medical supplies, the footage shows people in uniforms taking measurements around craters and shrapnel scarred building in a residential area.

One problem though... the images were of Israeli security forces. I must assume that those houses were in Israel and the damage was from Hamas rockets.

Images of Israeli aircraft and residential damage are combined with a voiceover of overflowing hospitals. Whose message is that I wonder?

I know that answer, it's Hamas.

The unanswered question is whether what I just saw on TV was intentional or incompetent.

The difference is important... Israelis target Hamas sites; damage and casualties in residential areas is collateral. Hamas targets Israel; damage and casualties in residential areas is intended.


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