Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Good Stuff

I've noticed that quite a few of my blog posts tend toward the negative. Whining about this or that. I guess that comes because, not being a regular diarist, I need a little extra motivation to write. Things that spin me up tend to provide that motivation.

But I'm not a whiner.

So here's some commentary on the something positive.

Barack Obama showed some class today with his statement on the Mumbai attacks

"The United States must stand with India and all nations and people who are committed to destroying terrorist networks, and defeating their hate-filled ideology.

"There is one president at a time. I will continue to closely monitor the situation on the ground in Mumbai, and am grateful for the cooperation of the Bush Administration in keeping me and my staff updated. We fully support the Bush Administration's efforts to protect American citizens and assist the government of India during this tragic time,"

I see this as a positive in a couple ways.

(1) committed to destroying terrorist networks, and defeating their hate-filled ideology.

No nuance there. I especially like the recognition that the enemy must be defeated on the battlefield of ideas. Not sure whether destroying the networks means military or law enforcement action, but the language is what warriors should want to hear. Our warriors can destroy all kinds of networks.

(2) "There is one president at a time... We fully support the Bush Administration's efforts..."

The campaign is over. No ranting about misguided policies, incompetence, ill motives, or wrong war, wrong place.

This sets the right tone for the incoming administration. The out-of-power Democrats have consistently set a tone of ugliness over the last few years. They didn't argue policy, they argued that Republicans had ill will, evil motives. One of the things I look forward to (as a conservative, not necessarily a Republican) is being able to criticize the Obama administration while not questioning their motives. I would rather argue ideas.

The president elect has set the right tone.


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