Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Live Bloggin...

9:03 "Excellent questions" I'll be the judge of that...

9:04 People bailout... Obama... Bush and McCain were the problem. Need oversight. Crack down on CEOs. Tax cuts for middle class. Mo money to state and local government.
McCain... Americans are angry and fearful... Energy independence and low taxes is the solution. Home values... he would buy up bad mortgages. "Stabilize home values"
TB Secretary?
MC "Not you, Tom." WTF? Warren Buffet or Meg Whitman.
BO Don't hep the people up top.
Oliver Clark: What in the bailout will help people out?
MC: It's rescue. I added protections. Jab at Obama and his cronies for Fannie and Freddie Mac. Obama took more money. Need to buy up bad loans to stabilize home values.
OB: Explains credit market. Problem was deregulation. I wrote a letter and went to Wall Street. I never promoted Fannie Mae, it was McCains guy. (Doesn't answer the charge). Takes over the rescue homes theme. Slick.
OB: Need to keep families in homes and get special interests out... Boy, he just took over McCain's themes.
MC: The American worker can fix it.
How can we trust either of you?
OB: Understands. Lots of blame to go around. Blame Bush. Complains about deficits, but will SPEND MORE? WTF? Spending cuts too... net cut. Where, he doesn't say.
MC: Understands. System is broke. I've taken on special interests. Look at our records. I say go to watchdogs, you'll see liberal big spender.
This is pretty boring.
What are your priorities?
Health, energy, entitlement.
MC: work on all three. Addresses each.
OB: energy. Russia Venezuela are benefitting (they shouldn't implied). Quotes JFK
Health care #2
Education #3...
Wants to cut programs line by line. McCain cuts 200 billion
What sacrifices do we need to make?
MC: Cut programs...(just took Obama's theme) eliminate earmarks. Spending freeze. Transparency. We can do it.
OB: 9/11 unity... Bush missed opportunity to call to service.
OB: Need offshore drilling and clean coal. Save energy at home... He'll be making sure you can do it. Double the Peace Corps, make sure to get everyone involved. WTF
Too much debt?
OB: start with Washington. Need more revenue. Soak the rich.
MC: OB wants to raise taxes. We have lost jobs, but created small business jobs, he'll tax that. I'll give you money.
Social Security. Brokaw asks for a pledge.
OB: Will fix entitlements in first term. Soak the rich. Don't cut taxes. Changes the numbers... what is it?
MC... look at our records... I actually was listening not typing. Good stuff.
MC: Me and Joe did something. Nukes.
Boring again.
The wife likes Obama.
We can do it.
OB: Biggest challenge of our time... (but he didn't mention it up top)... we need investments from government. The environment/energy is a national security. I favor nukes. McCain voted against alt fuels... we can't drill our way out. Need alt fuels. Gov;t funding with private sector.

side bar... Obama criticizes McCain for corporate tax cuts, but then talks about "working with industry" to do this or that... how does the Federal gov't "work with industry" if not by giving subsidies and tax breaks.

OB: We will work with your employer to lower premiums... (tax breaks for HMOs?)
OB: Fight for patients.
MC: blah blah 5000 tax credit
Flat hair transplant joke.
boring again
OB: Healthcare is a right. He will "help" lower the premium. You have to make sure your child has health insurance. (Scary)
No consumer protections in Delaware? Gaff.
How will economics help us act as a peacemaker?
MC: America is the greatest force for good in the history of the world. When to go in, when not, is the question.
OB: has a prepped "don't understand" response. goes to Iraq. Troops are honorable. Too much money in Iraq. Remembers the respect thing. Darfur? Will change.
Brokaw: Use force for humanitarian for no national security interest?
OB: We have to consider where "possible" but can't do it all. Will set up a no-fly zone in Darfur.
MC: Whatever we can, but have to benefically affect the situation. Somalia was a mistake. Lebanon was a mistake. Don't make it worse.
Respect Pakistan sovereignty?
OB: Iraq was a distraction. Pakistan is plotting to kill Americans.
Wife is bored again
OB: Change our policies with PK. Expand aid. WTF? "Insist" they go after terrorists.
Kill Bin Laden, crush Al Qaeda.
MC: OB will attack PK. GEt the support of the people.
Boring... and this is a subject that interests me.
back and forth
OB: did he just endorse a dictatorship?
OB: resurgent Russia. More than moral support. Finance and "concrete" assistance. (military?)
Navy Chief!!
MC give Props to Chief Petty Officers!
Hah... until now I was calling it a draw. What will OB say to the Chief?
We can never allow a second Halocaust.
OB: Thanks Terry, we honor your service.
OB doesn't know what a Chief is.
Debate is over for me....


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