Friday, August 29, 2008

Identity Politics and Diversity

What I know...

Group 1:
Senator since 2005, Law Professor, State legislator, non-profit board member, Columbia and Harvard Law. Spouse is a Princeton educated corporate executive. Two kids in school. Unclear legislative record but has some sleazy Chicago friends and an America-hating pastor.
Senator since 1972, Career politician, Lawyer, (Syracuse Law), spouse is PhD educator, one son is state Attorney General, another is a lobbyist. Sponsored the law that took away bankruptcy write off of credit card debt.

Group 2:
Senator, in congress since 1982, retired Naval officer, A-4 pilot, Squadron CO, combat veteran and ex-POW, Naval Academy. Divorced once. Current spouse is a former drug addict who owns a beer company. At least one son is a commissioned officer on active duty in Iraq. Has an adopted daughter from Bangladesh. Rejects earmarks, but led misguided "election reform."
Governor since 2006, mayor, University of Idaho. NRA member. Spouse is a Native American commercial fisherman, oil field worker, and steelworkers Union member. Five kids. Oldest son ENLISTED on active duty, headed for Iraq. Youngest child has Down syndrome. Took on corrupt state politicians in own party. Turned down Federal pork.

So tell me again, which group do you think can relate to the average American?


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