Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dealing with Whiners 101

The post by Uber Pig on Blackfive is the perfect occasion to remember the delicate way we all dealt with whining ... Here are somethat come to mind...

Suck it up. (Simple, direct order. Nothing more implied)

You want cheese with that whine? (Lame, but will do in a pinch. The "wine drinker" association could imply softness)

Waah, f*ckin' wah. (Directly mocks, but like "suck it up, doesn't imply a lack of strength.)

Wah, my pussy hurts. (The best of all. Both mocks the complaint AND imparts femininity to the receiver. Unfortunately too vulgar to be used aloud in a mixed gender shop. Grunts, Submariners, and SEALS could use it.)

Here's a new one to try:
MTFU (The Man Up version of STFU. Thanks to commenter Wampyr in the blackfive thread for the idea...)



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