Monday, February 20, 2006

The GQ Style Guy Needs to Get with the Progam
Black Tie and Military Medals Go Together

I think it’s time for GQ to update their response to the question about military decorations with formal wear. Considering that since they wrote the entry in 2001, hundreds of thousands of men have earned wartime medals and decorations, the question is not only for the “silver-haired.” He also writes "If you have indeed earned some honor that you would like to wear, it would be more appropriate to do so at a state occasion than at a wedding or a country-club dinner dance...." *I know women are earning them too, but I frankly have no idea how women would wear medals with a formal gown.

Of course it almost goes without saying that only a loser of the first order would wear a medal he hasn't earned. But I disagree that we should wear medals only for state occasions. Especially among the country club and charity ball set who have never served, there is nothing wrong with subtly announcing that you defended them with honor.

May I suggest, “Military medals and insignia that you have earned are entirely appropriate for a black or white tie event when wearing a tuxedo or a dinner jacket. Wear them the same way you would for the corresponding military uniform – that is “mess dress” or “dinner dress.” This generally means miniature medals and devices over the lapel of the jacket. Ribbons for which there is no medal, and and large medals should only be worn with the military uniforms.

For specifics, look at the uniform regulations for your branch of service."

The style guy does get it right with his comment that "...if you have earned a medal for heroism, I think you’ve also earned the right to wear it wherever you feel like it..."

No shit whitefeather.

Uniform Regs...

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Democrats Trying to Use Veterans to Regain power.

There's an excellent post over at Bobby Brans

He's right on target. My view is that while the Democrats are obviously trying to put a new dustcover on an old book by running war veteran candidates to make them look strong on national security, the Republicans have swapped out the book and left us with the old dustcover.

I can't seem to find the Republican party that I first voted for in 1980. The only thing going for them is the national defense/national security policy. The President understands that there are people out there who want to kill us, and he's got the machine of government working hard to kill them first. Again, that's the only thing, but it's a huge thing -- you can't have policy discussions if you're dead, so I vote Republican.

That said, the Republicans have clearly lost their way as the party of less government. No Child Left Behind, free speech restricting campaign finance reform, Medicare Drug Benefits, constitutional marriage amendment, the Attorney General taking the states of California and Oregon to court over medical issues, billions on local pork transportation projects... on and on and on. This is a Republican administration? Not one Ronald Reagan would recognize.

I sure would like to see a federalist or libertarian candidate this fall...