Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cryptlogic Purple Heart Winners

Over at I Like The Cut Of His Jib !!, the Captain has an important post on Cryptologic Technicians who have been awarded the Purple Heart over the last ten years. These men are a part of NAVSECGRU, whoops, Naval Cryptologic history, and their sacrifices must be remembered.

I have several memorial posts on my site. I am touched by how often people visit those posts because they have put someone's name into a search engine. Sometimes the name of someone killed in the Kami Seya fire, on the Liberty, or the WV shootdown.

These men died four decades ago. It is good to know that someone remembers.

Link to I Like The Cut Of His Jib !!: We have a duty to remember their sacrifice - Cryptologic Technicians Earn Purple Hearts#links


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